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A Barber Shop near Briarwood for Kids, Toddlers, and Babies

If you’ve ever taken your kids to the barber shop, you know how crucial it is that the experience be a positive one. You don’t want your kids dreading to get their hair cut and styled!

Being a good stylist is one thing. Being a great kids’ hairstylist is another. Not only do you have to know how to cut hair, but you must be able to connect with kids and help them feel comfortable while they’re in the chair. We take great pride in both of these aspects of what we do. And when we say this, we mean more than just providing entertainment to take your children’s mind off what they’re doing. We engage your kids where they’re at to help them feel truly comfortable in the barber’s chair both before, during, and after the actual haircut.

There is a real difference when you come to Kid’s Castle Cuts kids hair salon. We are happy to serve clients from Briarwood at our Portland salon location. Call us or make an appointment now!

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Kid’s Castle Cuts Briarwood Kids Hair Salon Services & Pricing (12 and under)

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  • $28

  • $35

  • $43

  • $43

Additional Services

  • $12

  • $12

  • $35

  • $25

  • $25

  • $3

    per strand

  • $12

    per extension

  • $14

*All kids cuts include styling, a crown, and a prize from the treasure chest.

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Briarwood Kids Hair Salon Q&A

Whether your kids are babies or toddlers or a bit older, it’s good to know what you’re getting into when it comes to taking your children for a haircut at a [acf field=’city’ family hair salon. If you don’t see your question on here, feel free to give us a call or stop by the salon to see it in-person!

How long does a kid’s salon appointment take?

Most of our family hair salon appointments are made for 30 minutes, but they can be longer or a bit shorter depending on the services you’re looking for.

What degree of input does my child get in the styling options used?

As much as you decide! We can do a lot of fun things like colors, smells, and glitter at the request of your child. We will ask you beforehand what is ok with you.

What makes your kids hair salon appointments special?

Your little one will sit in one of our unique styling chairs and can play with toys, and enjoy a movie from our large selection or play on one of our new Nintendo Switches, all while getting their hair done by a stylist who loves working with kids and families. We love ensuring they have a great time while getting the style you want. After we are done, of course they get an awesome prize.

Are there things I should do to prepare my child for a good haircut experience?

Here are a few ideas:

  • Arrive a bit early to your appointment so they can acclimate to the salon and get comfortable.
  • Make sure your child is well-fed and rested.
  • Help them get excited for their haircut – hype up the experience at home

Are family and/or friends allowed to be a part of the haircut?

Parents, siblings, and friends are welcome to be on the floor as long as there’s space.

What entertainment options are available for kids?

We have toys, video games, and movies – even the race car styling chairs are entertaining on their own.

What entertainment options are available for waiting adults?

If you don’t want to be with your child during their haircut, we have a complimentary drink cart and magazines so that you can take a break.

Can parents get a cut at the same time as their kids?

Absolutely, we love to help the whole family and provide you all with a great experience.

How do I know what options I have for my child’s hairstyle?

You are more than welcome to bring in pictures on your phone. We love seeing what styles you have in mind and will have a thorough consultation to discuss what will work best with your child’s hair type and lifestyle.

My child has special needs. Can Kid’s Castle Cuts help with their haircut?

We love providing services to children with special needs. All of our stylists have training and experience with kiddos with all different needs. Please just let us know what your child’s needs are when you make your appointment.

Do you accept walk-ins?

To provide the best care and attention to our guests, we are an appointment-only salon.

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What Our Guests Say About Kid’s Castle Cuts

  • "Katie is truly amazing. My son who’s almost five now has had major haircut anxiety since he was two. We’ve had some pretty traumatic experiences. Yet, from the first moment we walked in and met Katie, she immediately knew what to do to connect with my son and make him comfortable. He loves folding paper airplanes and so she got some paper and sat down on the floor with him, spending a long time patiently creating his favorite types of planes and flying them around the salon. After about 15 minutes she said to him, “OK you ready to get your haircut?”, and he comfortably hopped in the seat. I was shocked!! Best yet, she keeps all of the planes and every time we go back they fold a new one together. She is incredibly skillful with children, it’s a true gift, and other children’s hair cutters could learn a lot from her. Thank you Katie!" – Tracey
  • "What a wonderful experience! We stumbled upon this adorable place online and decided to head in on a whim since we were in the neighborhood, and they accepted us as a walk in! We originally intended to just stop in and schedule an appointment for next weekend, but they were able to fit us right in! My daughter had such a wonderful experience getting her very second haircut ever, and I was so impressed with the amazing job Viviana did! Viviana was so patient, friendly, and very skilled. She took her time to guide us through what she thought would look best on our daughter, and checked in with us every step of the way to make sure it was exactly what we had in mind. She was so good with our daughter in helping her feel comfortable and relaxed the entire time, and my daughter loved watching Zootopia while enjoying a lollipop in her Barbie car getting her hair done! To top it off, my daughter got adorable purple butterfly clips to finish of her amazingly styled hair, was given a cute gold crown, and a purple balloon before we headed out the door. I can't speak highly enough about this wonderful experience, and I highly recommend Viviana! She was so skilled at cutting and styling my daughter's hair, and I wish we'd come here for her first haircut experience! Thank you for a great experience, and we will be back in for the next cut!" – Jessica
  • "SO happy I found this place! We were able to get in same day on a Saturday. She did an amazing job cutting my 4 year old’s hair and styled it with the cutest braids. Everyone was very friendly and made my little one feel comfortable. This will definitely be our new spot for kids cuts! :)" – Brooke
  • "Thank God for people who cut crazy kids’ hair! … He loves the car chair, but there’s a plane and police car, too. Also, she has sugar free lollipops. Good choice for parents who don't want to cut their kiddos hair!" – Kelli
  • "Went to get my sons haircut today (he’s 2 this Friday) and the lady who cut his hair was beyond great, she was patient through my son tossing and turning. The haircut itself was absolutely amazing with all the great detail and being very symmetrical. 10/10 would recommend this place also she was really sweet and made us feel extremely comfortable the whole time. Plus my son loved getting a balloon and lollipop at the end. If you have a toddler and are trying to find a place to get them a haircut, I would highly recommend this place✨" – Yarely
  • "Fantastic!!! Super patient with our daughter for her first haircut, and super understanding of us as parents wanting to get lots of pictures of the process. Alaska was great with our daughter, very friendly and gave her a great first haircut. We'll definitely be back as our other girls get older and need haircuts as well as for our oldest for future cuts." – Jon

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