Coronavirus Measures

We’ve always had a high level or sanitation, but have since added new procedures to ensure your family’s safety.

All of our stylists have taken and passed a certification course on sanitation and Covid-19. We are now an appointment only salon and can no longer accommodate walk-ins. Our salon door will remain locked during the day. When you arrive, you will be asked to either wait in your car, or outside until your stylist is ready for you. When your stylist informs you they’re ready, they’ll go through a series of health screening questions to ensure everyone in your household is healthy. While we don’t require masks for kiddos, anyone over the age of 12 will be asked to wear masks. Stylists and staff will be wearing masks as well. While we were closed, we did a big remodel that we can’t wait to show off! We’ve rearranged our salon and limited our staff schedules to allow for social distancing.

When you enter the salon, you’ll be directed to the restroom for hand washing before we begin. Stylists also wash their hands just before letting you know they’re ready for you. And we’ll use hand sanitizer again once our guest is seated and ready to go. Your stylist will be wearing a fresh clean apron with each guest. Cutting capes and towels have always been single, but we’ve switched out our dirty hamper for a touch free airtight one.

Unfortunately our toys and adult drink cart are no longer available for the time being, but we do have a few toys at each station, just in case! They are sanitized after each use. Our Nintendo Switches are still available, and are sanitized after each use as well. We ask that you allow stylists to serve you and get everything set up for you.

After each service EVERYTHING is sanitized with an EPA registered bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal sanitizer. We’ve extended appointment times to allow appropriate contact time with the sanitizer. Stylists have also purchased extra sets of cutting tools to rotate between guests.

Our phone, computer, Keyboard, mouse, and checkout iPad are sanitized between each use and stylists will sanitize hands before and after checkout as well.

Doorknobs, light switches, and restrooms are sanitized regularly throughout the day. We’ve even hired someone who’s only job is helping with sanitation. 🙂

We’ve made a lot of changes because your family’s health and safety are our top priority, but our high standards of over the top service, great hair, and fun haven’t changed. We can’t wait to see you!

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