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We Serve Dunthorpe Teens and Adults

With a name like Kid’s Castle Cuts, you might expect to feel a bit out of place as an adult. The thing is – you’re not! We love being able to cut the hair for all our clients no matter the age. If you’re in Dunthorpe and are looking for a low-key, unique, fun, and personal place to get your hair cut and styled nearby, try our hair salon in Portland.

And of course we serve the whole family so kids are welcome, too. We are happy to help make the wait easier on both you and them. Call us or make an appointment now!

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Kid’s Castle Cuts Dunthorpe Hair Salon Services & Pricing (prices for adults 13+)

  • $35

  • $42

  • $50

  • $50

Additional Services

  • $12

  • $12

  • $60

  • $25

  • $25

  • $3

    per strand

  • $12

    per extension

  • $17.50

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Dunthorpe Hair Salon Q&A

If you don’t see your question on here, feel free to give us a call or stop by our Dunthorpe family hair salon to see it in-person!

How long does a salon appointment take?

Most appointments are made for 30 minutes, but they can be longer or a bit shorter depending on the services you're looking for. If you're crunched for time, we can give you an estimate if you tell us what you're looking for.

Do you serve both kids and adult clients?

Yes, we absolutely do. If you're an adult or teen (13+) looking for a high-quality, fun, personal Portland hair salon to get your hair cut, we would love to have you come in.

Can parents get a cut at the same time as their kids?

Absolutely, we love to help the whole family and provide you all with a great experience and final outcome.

Do you accept walk-ins?

To provide the best care and attention to our guests, we are an appointment-only salon.

How do I know what options I have for my hairstyle?

You are more than welcome to bring in pictures on your phone. We love seeing what styles you have in mind and will have a thorough consultation to discuss what will work best with your hair type and lifestyle.

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Kid’s Castle Cuts is a Dunthorpe Hair Salon