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A Portland Barber Shop for the Whole Family

Have you been looking for a hair salon the entire family can be happy with? One where you can know that you’re going to walk out with a great style for yourself and your kids, without pulling out your hair trying to get your kid in the stylist’s chair or being worried about what they’re doing while you’re getting your hair done? Our mission at Kid’s Castle Cuts is to be exactly that kind of Portland family hair salon.

We take pride in being stylists that you can trust to treat both you and your kids well: you get treated like an adult and your kids get treated like kids. There is a real difference when you come to Kid’s Castle Cuts. Call us or make an appointment now for both you and your family!

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Kid’s Castle Cuts Portland Family Hair Salon Services & Pricing

  • Kids Adults
    $36 $43
  • Kids Adults
    $43 $50
  • Kids Adults
    $51 $58
  • Kids Adults
    $51 $58

Additional Services

  • $17
  • $17
  • Kids Adults
    $46 $76
  • $25
  • $25
  • Per Strand
  • Per Extension
  • Kids Adults
    $31 $38

*All kids cuts include styling, a crown, and a prize from the treasure chest.

*Kids prices apply to children 12 and under

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Portland Family Hair Salon Q&A

If you don’t see your question on here, feel free to give us a call or stop by the salon to see it in-person!

How long does a family salon appointment take?

Most appointments are made for 30 minutes per guest, but they can be longer or a bit shorter depending on the services you're looking for.

What degree of input does my child get in the styling options used?

As much as you decide! We can do a lot of fun things like colors, smells, and glitter at the request of your child. We will ask you beforehand what is ok with you. Of course adults get to have whatever they want!

What makes your family hair salon appointments special?

Your little one will sit in one of our unique styling chairs and can play with toys, and enjoy a movie from our large selection or play on one of our new Nintendo Switches, all while getting their hair done by a stylist who loves working with kids and families. We love ensuring they have a great time while getting the style you want. When they're done, you can take your turn knowing that your kids have more to do than just sit in a waiting room reading magazines (though those are available, too). Call us or stop by to learn more about how it works at Kid's Castle Cuts.

What entertainment options are available for kids?

We have toys, video games, and movies – even the race car styling chairs are entertaining on their own.

How do I know what options I have for my child's hairstyle (or my own)?

You are more than welcome to bring in pictures on your phone. We love seeing what styles you have in mind and will have a thorough consultation to discuss what will work best with your family's hair type and lifestyle.

My child has special needs. Can Kid's Castle Cuts help with their haircut?

We love providing services to children with special needs. All of our stylists have training and experience with kiddos with all different needs. Please just let us know what your child's needs are when you make your appointment.

Do you accept walk-ins?

To provide the best care and attention to our guests, we are an appointment-only salon.

What age is considered an adult?

13 and over.

Can I learn more about kids' and adult services separately?

Check out our kids' page here and our adult page here.

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What Our Guests Say About Kid’s Castle Cuts Portland Family Hair Salon

  • "I am so grateful found Katie and Kids Castle Cuts. Just an overall wonderful, friendly, professional and enjoyable experience every time. My boys also love to go. Katie makes it fun and does a great job!" – Cara
  • "I've been taking my son here for haircuts ever since I sat him on a stool at home for his first haircut and terrified myself with sharp scissors so close to his chubby little face. While I grew up with kitchen haircuts, I decided to make a change for my son. Not only was getting a professional to cut my child's hair a good maneuver for me, but Kid's Castle Cuts caters to kids. There are TV shows, video games, car and airplane seats, balloons, dum dums, online booking and a keurig for while you're waiting. Plus Laughing Planet and Otto's are on the same block. We haven't booked any special services, but Kid's Castle Cuts can also do special event hair-do's, unicorn glitter gel and costume makeup. I might have to get the glitter gel because my son won't...." – Tia
  • "Friendly, patient stylists that know how to work with hesitant or nervous kids like my own! The vehicle chairs and TV screens are a big hit, and my daughter loves leaving with a blur lollipop and balloon." – Stephanie
  • "They are well equipped and experienced and worth bringing your kid to for their first haircut. Felt a little silly bringing our 2 year old to such a hip spot, but was pleased with the haircut." – Owen
  • "Our 14 month old had his first real haircut at Kid's Castle Cuts today by Katie. She did such a great job! I'm really happy with the haircut but she was also so kind and friendly to our little guy who was a little nervous. We will be back!" – Allison

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